........care about you. And your home. We can make it more beautiful in just a view steps.

Buy a Petrol and Porcelain selection and add soul and ambiance to your home in a really easy way. 

We, at Petrol and Porcelain, collect beautiful things. Mostly one-of-a-kind vintage, sometimes new. But always with a soul.

Do you like to live in a house that has a unique and personal ambiance? But you don't have the time to visit thrift stores and markets in and outside your country, looking for unique items to create nicely decorated spaces in your home? Petrol and Porcelain is here to help you! 

We mix vintage treasures from all over the world with contemporary design to create tasteful sets and atmospheres with a special character. You can experience and purchase these mini-spaces here. 

Additionally, select items are available to purchase a la carte. Petrol and Porcelain personally selects each and every piece from it's wide variety of artists and designers that fits our lifestyle.

Petrol and Porcelain is a unique gift to add a touch of creativity into your home. 

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Petrol and Porcelain

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